Congratulations to all our members on successfully clearing PRES Level 3 examinations. Schedule of the Training sessions available here.

PRES Level 3 Live Training Sessions

  • Practical skill training
  • Data interpretation training
  • Communication skill training

PRES Level 3 Consolidated Preparation Program

  • Access to the Online Practice Course
  • Place for Live training sessions
  • Job assistance after registration

PRES Level 3 Sponsorship

  • Free Online Practice Course
  • Free Live Training Sessions
  • Free Job Assistance

PRES Level 3 Online Practice Course

  • Online Preparation Material
  • 300+ Stations and Questions
  • University Accredited Videos

PRES Level 2 Online Preparation Course

  • Online Study Material
  • Concise and relevant
  • Mock Tests

PRES Level 1 Assistance

  • Application Processing
  • Documentation support
  • PRES Registration support


Clearexam has been providing guidance for all three levels of PRES, assisting hundreds of doctors worldwide in obtaining registration with the Irish Medical Council. We provide preparation focused specifically to the Irish PRES examination pattern and arrange dedicated material for the exam which helps save precious time during preparation by providing precisely what you need to learn and understand for the PRES examination. Our training programs are conducted through Irish trainer and in the Irish medical set up to help candidate obtain an edge over the others. We help doctors in applying and procuring jobs in Irish hospitals once you are in the process of registration and help them obtain their field/hospital of choice once they are successfully registered.

Clearexam courses
  • Highly intensive exam simulated training sessions under supervision of Irish lecturers and trainers.
  • Sessions will be held at the ASSERT Centre, Cork, Ireland
  • Communication skill training through interaction with Irish patient/simulator.
  • Practical skills and data interpretation training followed by detailed discussions and learning sessions.
  • Practical skill training through world's finest mannequin simulators.
  • Most authentic and dedicated study material based on PRES Level 3 examination.
  • Covering all Practical Skill stations, Communication skill station and Data interpretation questions.
  • Precise and limited preparation material tailor-made for PRES level 3 Examination.
  • Available until the PRES Level 3 exam of the session/ for 3 months.
  • University accredited videos for guidance on how to perform practical skills.
  • Access to the Online Practice Course.
  • Guaranteed place for Live training sessions.
  • Training through distinguished Irish trainers.
  • Sessions take place at ASSERT Centre, Cork, Ireland
  • Open for application for June 2018 sessions.
  • Access to Clearexam PRES level 3 Online Practice Course.
  • Places confirmed for Clearexam PRES level 3 Live Training sessions.
  • Job assistance after clearing Level 3.
  • Full amount to be paid in installments over 6 months
  • Courses with CPD credits to enhance your job credibility.
  • Course duration for 3/6 months
  • English language and communication skill strengthening program.
  • Training in research methodology.
  • Visa assistance.
  • Job interview assistance after clearing your PRES level 3 examination.
  • Get the position and speciality of your choice.
  • Free of cost service.
  • Send your resume at
  • Document analysis
  • ECFMG-EPIC assistance.
  • Application form assistance.
  • Application form scrutiny.
PRES Made Easy

PRES Made Easy

  • PRES Level 2 Online Preparation Course.
  • PRES Level 3 Online Practice Course
  • PRES Level 3 Live Training Sessions.
Comprehensive Preaparation

Comprehensive Preparation

  • Exam Simulated Design.
  • Past & Recent Question Bank
  • Mock Tests.
Focussed Revision

Focussed Revision

  • Limited and Precise Material.
  • Regularly Updated Question Bank.
  • High Success Rate.
Expert Guidance & Facilitation

Expert Guidance & Facilitation

  • Assistance From Team Target 2018.
  • Answers All Your Queries.
  • Facilitation During Sessions.
Assistance in Overseas

Assistance in Overseas

  • Accomodation During Sessions.
  • Local Facilitation.
  • Guidance on Local Travel.
Job Procurement Assistance

Job Procurement Assistance

  • Resume Application to Various Agencies.
  • Tips For Interviews.
  • Help in Analysing Various Job Options.