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What is PRES?

PRES is the Pre-Registration Examination Scheme which include 3 levels and is conducted by the medical council of Ireland. For being registered with the medical council you need to clear all 3 levels. Thereafter you are eligible to apply for work in Ireland.

What are the working hours in Ireland?

On an average you are required to work for approx. 39 hours/week. Apart from this various specialties have different on call rotas for NCHDs and in general you will have 2 on-calls per week. The timings and number of calls per week depends on the requirement of each hospital unit.

How is my experience beneficial?

Your experience in a certain specialty may help you gain work in the same specialty and could also be beneficial in terms of your salary.

Do I need to learn Irish language to work in Ireland?

You do not require to learn Irish as the language commonly spoken and used for documentation is English.

How can I continue further education?

There are various training schemes and courses offered by national colleges and institutes across Ireland which help you acquire further education in your field of work.

Tell me something about Irish people?

The Irish people are the most happiest, helpful and nice people you will find across the globe. They are eager to listen and help and have nicely welcomed different cultures in their lives.

How will Clearexam help me?

Clearexam offers assistance at all three Levels of PRES Registration. Please refer to section PRES on the website for more details.

What is Clearexam PRES Level 2 Preparation course?

The course provides study material which has been designed to simulate the pattern of PRES level 2 exam and question bank with limited but precise revision material along with mock tests providing absolutely what is required to clear the level.

Team Target2016  provides assistance to candidates at each stage of their preparation.

How long is the subscription for Clearexam PRES Level 2 Online Preparation Course?

Subscription for Clearexam PRES Level 2 Preparation Course will be until the candidate clears their exam up to a period of 3 months.

How long is the subscription for Clearexam PRES Level 3 Online Practice Course?

The subscription will begin on the day you enrol for the course and will last until the day of your PRES Level 3 exam for a period of 3 months.

How can I subscribe?

You may subscribe online for all courses and programs offered by Clearexam. In case you are facing any problems you may write to us at and someone will assist you.

Are you any way related to Medical Council of Ireland?

No, Clearexam is an online portal for assistance in PRES preparation and is in no way related to the Medical Council of Ireland.