Undergraduate Students

The Irish medical schools admit over 250 International students each year. Classes commence annually in September. There is only one entering class per year.

YOUR ELIGIBILITY: International students who will have completed
(i) high school and
(ii) one or more high school and/or college-level courses in
(a) biology, (b) chemistry, and (c) either physics or mathematics by September 1, 2016 but who will not have earned a bachelor's degree by that date are eligible to apply for Fall 2016 entry to the courses listed below. These are the minimum application requirements, and there are no further specifications for International candidates.

However, please note that the application deadline date for the September 2016 intake has already passed (1 February 2016). If you wish to apply for a place for September 2017 intake, the online application will be live again from  November 2016 to  February 2017.

5/6-year medical degree courses at:
1. University College Cork
2. University College Dublin
3. National University of Ireland, Galway
4. Trinity College Dublin
5. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
6. University of Limerick
7. RCSI, Medical University of Bahrain

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students presenting Chemistry, Biology and either Physics or Mathematics in IB, SAT II or AP Examinations may be considered for an exemption from the first year of the 6-Year Medical Degree Program, thereby making it a 5-Year Medical Degree Program.

Students from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh/Sri Lanka:

Students must have completed the subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at standard XII, and hold a bone-fide certificate of completion issued by the CBSE or ISCE. Students must have an average score of 80% with not less than 75% in any individual subject.

Candidates achieving 95% of above can be considered for the 5 year programme.

If you can present with these qualifications or higher, then you are eligible to apply.


Your application deadline is December 15th, 2016. This means that your application and associated application fees must be postmarked no later than the date noted above.

Supporting documents, such as official transcripts, letters of reference, etc., will be accepted after this deadline. Once your application has been received, we will provide you with written confirmation via email. We will confirm with you once again when all of the required documents have been received and your application is complete.

Application files that are not complete by April 1st, 2017 will be withdrawn with the exception of those awaiting late standardized test results.
Guide to Letters of Reference - Medicine

A minimum of two (2) Letters of Reference is required to complete your application. One (1) of your letters must be academic references and should be authored by a science professor/teacher. Remember, you are applying to medical school, and it is a science-based program.

The importance of references cannot be overstated. Irish medical schools place significant emphasis on your referrals. Below are some guidelines which may be helpful to your referees when they are preparing your reference:
1. Choose people who know you well and can submit substantial and helpful Letters of Reference.
2. Make sure you allow the referee the option of saying. It is better to have someone be honest with you at the start so that you can find another evaluator who will be more enthusiastic. Determine this by asking the person if he/she feels comfortable writing a strong letter for you.
3. Letters of reference should be addressed to The Admissions Committee and contain no references to any specific university.
4. Your academic referee(s) should try to comment on the following:
• Your intellectual qualities
• How you compare with other pre-medical students they have taught
• Your performance in class and examinations
• Whether he/she believes your academic performance reflects your true ability
• Why he/she believes you will be able to manage the rigors of a medical curriculum

5. Your referees should try to include the following information in their letter:
• Your first and last name
• The capacity in which they know you
• Remarks on exceptional accomplishments, contributions, attributes they have observed in you
• Details about your communication skills (oral and written, if applicable)
• Your interests, future plans and how they feel that best relates to your pursuit of a career in medicine.