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PRES Level 1

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PRES Level 2

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PRES Level 3

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PRES Level 3

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PRES Level 3

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PRES Level 3

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Introduction to PRES

PRES(Pre-Registration Examination Scheme) is a process to register with Medical Council of Ireland required to practice in Ireland as hospital doctor. Once you are registered you may be eligible to change your division from General to Trainee Specialist or vice versa by sending your relevant documents to the Medical Council.

Clearexam assists you to speed up the process of registration by providing professional assistance.

Why do PRES?

After clearing your PRES you gain registration with the Medical Council of Ireland which opens your arena to a number of opportunities for working in different hospitals across Ireland. The Irish Medical System is analogous to the European medical system equipped with latest technologies and  following latest research guidelines. The work atmosphere is harmonious to enhancement of potential and further education. There is tremendous opportunity to work in Ireland and you may find opportunities to work in your field of interest.