PRES Level 2


The Clearexam PRES Level 2 Preparation Course is an online access to question bank from recent and past examination with study material designed exclusively for PRES Level 2 Examination. The question bank is regularly updated to include the recent and most commonly appearing questions to provide limited but precise information required to clear the level in minimum study. Subscription to the course lasts for a period of three months and team Target2018 provides assistance during preparation. The subscription fee for the course has recently been discounted to €199.

Access to the course is available until the candidate clears the level which may be up to 3 months. The question bank enables the candidate to get a clear overview of the examination and to train them in order to help them clear the level with confidence. Questions are provided in the format appearing in the MCQ based computerized examination so that the candidates are familiarized with the pattern of the examination. Comprehensive mock examinations can be taken up once revision is completed and allows students to judge their performance. Candidates can gauge their progress from time to time in various subjects by tracking their performance.


Following recent amendments by the Medical Council applicable from Jan'2018, PRES Level 2 has been replaced by PLAB/USMLE/AMC/MCCEE. In case you have cleared any of the said examination you may be exempted from PRES Level 2 and will be eligible to appear PRES Level 3 directly. In case you had applied for PRES Level 2 Examination before September 2015 and are eligible to sit the exam you may enroll for the Clearexam PRES Level 2 Preparation Course. If you wish to appear for any of the above examinations Clearexam will soon be offering Clearexam PLAB Part 1 Preparation Course for PRES candidates.


This is a computer based examination and only candidates who have been declared eligible to sit the PRES (after having completed the Level 1 assessment) are eligible for PRES Level 2. This level applies to certain applicants for trainee specialist registration and general registration only. This examination tests the candidate factual knowledge in the main clinical disciplines and consists of an MCQ examination in clinical disciplines of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery, and Medicine/General Practice. Duration of the exam is 150 minutes with 60 questions. Each question consists of a stem followed by 5 statements therefore there are 300 questions in total. The Level 2 is negatively marked, a correct answer gains one mark (+1) and incorrect answer loses one mark (-1) unanswered question does not gain or lose any mark (0). Currently, the pass mark for Level 2 is set at 45% or 135 correctly answered questions out of 300 questions, with negative marking applying. Level 2 is available electronically at centres in Egypt, India, Pakistan and in Ireland. Once a medical practitioner has been declared eligible to sit Level 2, he/she will be provided with details of how and where to schedule their examination. The examination must be passed within two years from the date of a candidate being declared eligible.

The Medical Council imposes a limit of three attempts at any Level of the examinations. If a candidate is unsuccessful in their Level 2, they must allow six weeks to lapse from their previous attempt before they are eligible to schedule/book their next Level 2. This exam is now being phased out as per recent amendments made by the Council.

PRES Level 2

PRES Level 2

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