Prepare for PRES Level 3 OSCE stations under guidance of Irish trainers

13th-14th June 2018 PRES Level 3 Live Training Sessions held at the ASSERT Centre, Ireland.

The intensive 2-day Live training sessions are conducted by the Irish trainersand include various practical skills, data interpretation as well as communication skills stations. Hands-on practical skill training is delivered through high fidelity simulators under the supervision of trainers and candidates are guided on exactly what they need to know to improve their performance. Communication skill sessions train candidates through interaction with patient simulators in various scenarios. Each station based on PRES Level 3 OSCE exam familiarizes candidates with the exam atmosphere and is followed by detailed discussions to help candidate identify the grey areas to complement their preparation for the exam. It is the only training organised by Irish trainers for international doctors appearing for PRES Level 3 examination and is highly recommended training to help clear the level 3 examination.

Accommodation is not available as part of the sessions but can be arranged per request.

Avail early bird discount of €250 off until 5th May 2018.

PRES Level 3 Live Training Sessions

  • Practical skill training
  • Data interpretation training
  • Communication skill training