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Ireland is the second largest exporter of computer and IT services in the world. With a highly creative and talented workforce, an open economy and a competitive corporate tax environment, Ireland has successfully attracted eight of the top 10 global information technology companies to establish a significant presence here


Seven of the top 10 Industrial Automation companies have operations in Ireland, including Siemens, ABB, and Emerson. Engineering is an essential element supporting this increasingly important sector. The Engineering sector employs over 18,500 people directly and many companies have a long established base in Ireland. For example, the large German equipment manufacturer Liebherr set up its facility here in 1958. The synthetic diamond manufacturer Element Six is in Ireland since 1962. Industrial engineering firm Sulzer arrived in 1972. While ThermoKing, the manufacturer of transport temperature control systems, has been operating in Ireland since 1976.

Key sectors
  • Environmental
  • Medical Devices
  • Bio Medical
  • ICT
  • Aerospace
  • Energy

Pharma & Biotech

Ireland is a home for 24 of the world’s top biotech and pharma companies

Ireland has secured a global leadership position in the life sciences industry and four decades of continuous investment has made Ireland the location of choice for international life sciences companies. This industry now employs over 50,000 people directly and exports over €445 billion annually making Ireland the largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals in the world. Eighteen of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies have substantial operations in Ireland and six of the world’s top 10 selling pharmaceutical products are exclusively produced here. Ireland is also home to Europe’s leading medical technologies cluster and now has the highest per capita employment of medical technologies personnel across Europe. This cluster is comparable in scale to some of the world’s leading clusters in Massachusetts and Minnesota and boasts nine of the top ten global medical technology companies.


Ireland ranks in top ten globally for
  • Quality of the Education System
  • University education that meets the needs of a competitive Economy
  • Knowledge transfer between Universities and Companies

Universities among top 2% of the 100 universities across world along with well top rated Institutes of Technology, National Institutions, Trinity College & Royal Colleges of Physician, Royal College of Surgeon.

The academic quality assurance systems of Ireland are highly regarded and sophisticated, which has helped it to consistently secure a position in the top 20 of the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook. Irish universities are among the top 1% of research institutions in the world in terms of research impact.


Ireland tops the European poll for reducing unemployment rates.
Ireland has recorded the largest drop in European unemployment levels in the last year, according to figure compiled by Eurostat. From March 2014 to March 2015, it fell from 12 per cent to 9.8 per cent.

Great work opportunities and industrial exposure
Ireland is one of the best performing economies in Europe and has ample job opportunities for skilled English-speaking workers in various sectors—students or graduates alike. If you are on a bachelor level course, you can work for up to 20 hours a week during term-time and 40 hours per week during holidays. Furthermore, you can extend your stay by a year following the completion of your degree to seek employment and apply for a work permit.


The agri-food sector in Ireland in 2015 generated 5.7% of gross value added (€13.54 billion), 9.8% of Ireland’s merchandise exports and provided 8.5% of national employment. When employment in inputs, processing and marketing is included, the agri-food sector accounts for almost 10% of employment.


Rated among top 10 countries best countries to live in around the world. Friendly & smiling generous society always welcomes you. Ireland has the reputation of being a safe and welcoming country to live in and study.

Ireland an island nation with a rich Celtic tradition that pervades the spirit of the nation and all walks of life and a perfect blend of modernity with quaintness.